Thursday, October 7, 2010

Xray Cover for Eye Weekly

Out this week Eye Weekly coffee issue. With a X-ray photo of my coffee machine that I have made for them. Think of the X-ray as a huge negative and that this a contact print of the machine.

Laars the new publisher and editor of Eye remembered a set of X-rays I made In 1997 for Shift Magazine. At that time they were printed on colored photographic paper. Kentmere sold a series of black and monochrome colored papers, Red, Silver, Gold, Orange, super mat and very rich colors. The paper was processed and printed in darkroom which was lots of fun and hands on. but did take a day or two of stuffing around to get right.

Both Shift and Kentmere colored paper have gone. But the X-ray machines are still ticking along. Huge hulking machines with dials marked X and Y.

So off I went in 2010 with my coffee machine under my arm to make another contact print. The image looks just as good printed digitally as the old analog ones and was made in 1/2 the time.