Friday, August 20, 2010

New Caledonia Land of the screen saver

I have been traveling in Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie for the last week with my family. Winter in the french pacific is perfect. This is the place that looks like the plam tree screen saver.
Amazing locations, white beaches and such bright clear light. Coffee, baguettes, croissants, Kanak huts, and coral. What more could you ever need?

But the plastic washing up on the beaches is sad. The top of the tide line was filled with coconuts, rubber thongs (flip flops, and in local French, "claquettes") plastic bottles, tooth brushes and delicate nautilus shells.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

0 to 100 Project shoot one

I have started a new project photographing 100 people from age 0 to 100 years old.

Its a simple idea and like all simple ideas needs a team of people to make happen

The project began with a Rich Pauptit the owner from Flash lithography and Carey George the Creative Director of Up Inc. They were looking for images that would show off a new binding process that allows photos to be printed and bound back to back with no gutter in the center of the page. The pages open up completely flat.

Rich is using the images to print a book with fold running right through the face of each person. This would be crazy with standard binding.

Carey the creative director at Up Inc—the brand communications firm has a layout idea as simple as the concept ......Page 0 is year 0 year old and page 100.... yep 100 years old

We have had a bunch of project partners who have come together to make this happen and I am excited by everyone's input.

S2 studios in Sydney has provided a place for our 2 Australia shoots. It is a great rental studio in the heart of Sydney fully equipped and easy for everyone to get to. We will also be showing the photos at the studio later this year.

Adam and Kirsten from Six Wolves production have coordinated the people to photograph, one every 15 mins from 8am till 6 pm (40 shots in the day). Justin Russell has been my fabulous assistant.

L&P Photo have lent us the P65 phase camera with the new 150 f2.8 lens to shoot it on. This camera has a huge chip and the new F2.8 150 mm lens. This makes super sharp image with a super low depth of field. Its like shooting on 8 by 10 film and is tons of fun.

I am also filming and interviewing each person to make a little web clip about aging. Check back here in a few weeks for a sample.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl Guide stamp released

Last fall I worked with the Girl Guides of Canada and Derwn Goodall from Adams & Associtate's to make a stamp to celebrate 150 years of Guiding in Canada. Its out now and is my first bit of currency.

The shot was made in High park in Toronto. The stamp is printed with a 600 dpi line screen Printed using lithography in six colors plus varnish,the stamp is pressure sensitive and general tagged on four sides. General tagging is a ink process that shows up under ultraviolet light

That's a lot of detail for a print job 30 mm x 30 mm !

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woolworths community grant photos

The Woolworth’s community grants photos are up in stores across Australia.

Woolworth’s supermarket creates grants for community clubs. We photographed two of the grant winners to be featured in stores and on Woolworth promotions. One was a veggie garden for Maroubra Junction day care and the other Belmont football club, received updated training equipment.

The kids at Maroubra Junction were superstars on set acting as if they were garden show hosts and were very patient waiting out the rain between takes in tiny patches of sun. Linda & Mark from designed a dream garden and had it planted in one day before the rain hit!!

Michelle Galluzzo from is the Art director for the photos

Julie from 2c was the producer and head herder of talent and the Belmont club volunteers Jim and Ken were chefs at the soccer club running a sausage sizzle in the sunshine catering for the crew / soccer talent and mums and dads. Fried onions bread and sauce the perfect winter lunch.

Monday, August 2, 2010

NFB interactive publish 2nd project

Canada's great NFB has started NFB Interactive, a place to keep Canadian stories on line. They have grabbed many of the people who created CBC Radio 3 magazine and put them to work making a site that is really great. If you are a Canadian photographer / film maker anywhere in the world and have stories to show and tell then this is a great place for your work. For more info on how to submit check out.

Sean Embury and his team created the 2nd project section it has a very neat navigation process and I am happy to be part of this new site.

Thanks Sean, I have no idea how you guys make this but it looks great.