Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woolworths community grant photos

The Woolworth’s community grants photos are up in stores across Australia.

Woolworth’s supermarket creates grants for community clubs. We photographed two of the grant winners to be featured in stores and on Woolworth promotions. One was a veggie garden for Maroubra Junction day care and the other Belmont football club, received updated training equipment.

The kids at Maroubra Junction were superstars on set acting as if they were garden show hosts and were very patient waiting out the rain between takes in tiny patches of sun. Linda & Mark from designed a dream garden and had it planted in one day before the rain hit!!

Michelle Galluzzo from is the Art director for the photos

Julie from 2c was the producer and head herder of talent and the Belmont club volunteers Jim and Ken were chefs at the soccer club running a sausage sizzle in the sunshine catering for the crew / soccer talent and mums and dads. Fried onions bread and sauce the perfect winter lunch.